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I’m Kimberly Richardson, your purpose-driven coach! I’m here to help you (age 50+) tell your story by sharing your Seasons of Promise, Perseverance, and Praise via book, podcast, and video. If there’s ever a time to leave an indelible print in life, it is Now! We are living epistles (letters) that God wants to use as a Testament to His Love, Power, and Grace! Be the reason…It’s your Season!

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Coming soon… Shades of Glory Podcast features informative and inspiring lifestyle experiences of a generation Showing How Age Doesn’t End Seasons!


If you’ve read any of my blogs, you would know that we’re all about quality of life, purpose-filled, and inspirational content. Shades of Glory is symbolic of this and shines a light on a marginalized generation controlling their own destiny and creating and leaving legacies for others to follow.

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