Have You Ever Dreamed of Becoming A Published Author?

Would You Like to Become an Internationally Recognized Best-Selling Author?

Join Kimberly Richardson’s Shades of Glory Book Writing Coaching Program. Let Kimberly Richardson, Charlotte Howard and their Heart Centered Women Publishing World Class Team Help You Become a Best Selling Author.

Showing How Age Doesn’t End Seasons

Shades of Glory Coaching will teach you how to Effectively Write and Share your Seasons of Promise, Perseverance, and Praise by:

  • Starting with a Chapter
  • Utilizing Tools to help you Heal from past hurts
  • Identifying your Spiritual Gifts
  • Understanding who you’ve been Assigned to help
  • Creating new streams of revenue by helping others
  • Taking control and becoming the Co-Author of your Life

Open Enrollment Available Now8 Week Shades of Glory Coaching Program: First come. First Serve. Includes 8 weeks of personal coaching with Kimberly Richardson, and her team.


Submission Deadline For Next Book: August 31, 2020

Book Launch Date: November 10, 2020

Benefits of Writing Your Chapter:

  • Heals your Heart
  • Good for the Soul
  • Increases Memory Recall
  • Fulfilling
  • Leave a Legacy

Becoming an Internationally Recognized Best-Selling Author Can Help YOU:

Increase your Credibility

Increase your Visibility

Increase your Business Revenue

Increase your Impact

Increase your Influence

Increase your Sales

Get the Best Clients

Get the Best Speaking Gigs

And More…


Additional Benefits for Joining Our Anthology Project:

You get access to affordable payment plan options

You get expert access to a best seller book writing support team to help you with your book writing and marketing process

You don’t have to spend years writing a whole book – you just write one chapter.

You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get your book published.

You have a proven best-selling book team handling the whole publishing process (editing, cover design, layout, printing, etc.)

You don’t have to market the book on your own – instead you have lots of joint venture partner authors marketing it with you.

You reach a new, like-minded audience through your joint venture partner authors.

You get to be a part of a powerful collaborative project.

You make money when you sell the books.

You will learn how to build a 6-figure+ business using your book.

You will get VIP pricing for your printed copies of your book.

You will get access to media and additional exposure opportunities.

Urgent Notice: The investment for book inclusion is $1,997.00. Payment is final/non-refundable once you are confirmed. This project is limited to 25 Authors Who Want To Share Their Stories, Give GOD Glory and Positively Impact People’s Lives.


Co-authors must submit the following:

  1. A professional 100-150-word bio.
  2. A 1000-word chapter to be included in our book project.
  3. A professional high-resolution photo preferably 300 dpi.
  4. Professional website links limited to three. This will be included inside book and used for marketing purposes.
  5. Three of your top social media links if applicable to be included in book.


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