How have you persevered in your discouragement? After experiencing several challenging situations back to back in the past few weeks, it reminded me of a sermon given by my Pastor, Sam Moore of Conqueror’s Church : Seeing in the “better” requires proper perspective, right attitude, and constant passion. When the spirit of discouragement attacks, you must attack back with persistence!  Whatever difficulties you are currently facing, know that they are only temporary and will last as long as you allow it. {Jer. 29:11}.


  1. So my tongue loosened even as my mind raged: I am not into magic; I am not possessed! I am human. A child accused of witchcraft; a condition more stigmatising than AIDS. Because this is how it’s done in Congo: you look at the wrong guy the wrong way and you’re burned at the stake. I was angry no one was there to defend me, no one was there to deem me righteous, no one to diagnose me otherwise.

    1. Sorry for your ordeal! How can ‘seeing in the better’ help you overcome some of your challenges?

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