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Hi! I'm Kimberly Richardson..

Your purpose-driven mentor, author, speaker, and founder of

I am a retired City of Detroit real property appraiser. After raising two beautiful sons with my husband of nearly 30 years, and becoming a caregiver to my mother who lost her battle to Alzheimer’s Disease…

I went on a journey in search of my passion. It was during this transition that my purpose found me.

This reality inspired me to shine a light on those who refuse to let their age keep them from pursuing their dreams.


"A book for dreamers"

A success guide for everyone authored by Kimberly J Richardson.


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My Video Message

  • Do you have a burning desire to do something different but not sure what that is?
  • Do you believe in the power of effective storytelling?
  • Would you like to hear how your story can impact the lives of others?
  • Are you ready to become your own boss?
  • Are you ready to walk in your calling and step into your next?

Despite what you might think, you are never too old to benefit from a mentorship program. 

Shades of Glory is a program developed by me and my team. I have been training over the past four years under some of the most esteemed and successful business leaders in the industry. This program is designed for – women who are in their mid-40s to mid-to-late 50s. Shades of Glory helps to identify a pattern in a – person’s life.

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