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My Mother’s Keeper takes you on a journey, giving the reader an inside view of the devastating effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

A daughter’s struggle with balancing love, care, and protection for her mother battling dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Kimberly J. Richardson gives startling details of how determined she was to keep her mother from going in and out of nursing facilities all while struggling to keep her safe. 

This book also shows the love between a mother and her children as well as the strength of a family working collectively throughout their mother’s battle with Dementia.

 This is a must-read for anyone dealing with a loved one battling dementia or Alzheimer’s. It will empower you to become more proactive as caregivers as it gives you a better understanding of what to look for and how to help with their overall care. 

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SOS Book Cover

S.O.S. – Sharing Our Story for God’s Glory is an Inspirational collaboration of three women whose Faith overcomes the complexities of living Life.

Kimberly Richardson boldly tackles the issues of systemic racism as she seeks to understand the underlying cause of injustice in America.

Daydra Dickerson shares her courageous journey of being childless and how she coped with the hole that is left in her heart.

Chanavia Clayton delights readers with her story of immeasurable Faith using poetic symmetry. S.O.S. for God’s Glory. 


Synonymous with a distress signal, S.O.S. is a clarion call for help during these unpredictable times of health crises and racial, political, and social unrest.

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Unstoppable GEMS: WOMEN Just Like You Sharing What They Live And Do! Is the riveting read of the first book in its series.

It is written to help women entrepreneurs transform their lives, increase their confidence, boost their self-esteem, leave a legacy, be empowered, be inspired, build wealth, build a million-dollar business, and beyond.

This book is for women who want more freedom and time to do what they love.

It’s for the women who want to walk in their purpose no matter what!

Wealthy Women Book Cover

Wealthy Woman is a riveting read about building real wealth.

Are you a woman who is currently struggling with getting from where you are to where you want to be? Are you struggling with achieving a 7-Figure income? Are you struggling with doing what you love and loving what you do? Are you struggling with fear and self-doubt? If you answered YES, this book is for you!

In this riveting read, you will discover how to build real wealth as a woman and create your dream life during the toughest times.

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“Thank you for your support and for making a difference! Shades of Glory, Kimberly J. Richardson’s company will donate a percentage of book sales to the Alzheimer’s Association.” – Kimberly Richardson

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