Featured SHADES from the 2017 Women’s Empowerment Expo!

Wetonia Reynolds Curator & Designer of Bomaj Treasures (Vintage Books, Owls, Music, Art & Personal Handcrafted Wellness Jewelry)
Kim with Loretta Reed of Lorette Reed Collection at the 2017 Women’s Empowerment Expo, Cobo Center in Detroit
Hanging with a distinguished gentleman, Raymond Weatherspoon, representing Diamond Designs (Hair Care Products, Nails, Facials, Make-up, and Men’s Styling)
Nicole Pettiway, Executive Vice President of myEcon (A Personal Financial Success Company)
Surprise! KEM, Singer, Songwriter, Producer spotted at the 2017 Women’s Empowerment Expo at Cobo Center, Detroit

About krich

Kimberly is a retired City of Detroit Real Property Appraiser who raised two successful young men with her husband of 26 years. After caring for her ailing mother who lost her battle to Alzheimer's Disease, Kimberly embarked on a journey of discovery of all the things she enjoyed; from traveling to enrolling in a hospitality course and exploring her love for culinary, catering/event hosting. and her passion for learning about people and their life's journey. She has a special affinity to her 50 and older generation, particularly as it relates to their spiritual & physical well-being, and overall quality of life. After having endured the harsh reality of ageism that is widely practiced, Kimberly hopes to inspire others to keep pushing, keep learning, keep growing and not let age keep you from living your Best Life! Through her blog and website, she invites you to share your season of promise, praise, and perseverance!

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