As I reflect on my high’s and low’s for 2018, I appreciate the blessing that came from being still and allowing God to guide me in my pursuit to Inspire. You see, I created the 50plusshadesofus platform to encourage, motivate, and inspire my peer group to keep pursuing their dreams, in spite of being marginalized and/or devalued in this day of ageism. However, nearly a year ago, I lost my motivation to inspire for several reasons: tragic world events, financial setbacks, and doubt. It seemed like each time I got ready to publish a post, a mass shooting would take place or something else major that rocked our world. I thought, “How can I inspire others with so much turmoil taking place in the world?” Things that I didn’t want to talk about. So, I withdrew from social media for a few weeks. A few weeks turned to months…months to nearly a year.

Even though I’ve been in prep mode to reconnect over past several months, I needed confirmation from God, the Holy Spirit. So I waited. I needed to be sure my inspiration was purpose driven and not Kim driven. I understand now that sharing my struggle to move beyond my doubts, my anguish, my discontent, may very well be the inspiration you need to not only move you, but help you triumph! I thank God for using me to bring hope and determination to those who may be feeling hurt, devalued, or lost. And, I thank God for you! Please join me in this journey and allow me to help you discover what you’re “Wired” to do. I know that I am Wired to Inspire “You”.

Founder, 50plusshadesofus

Kimberly Richardson

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  1. Amen! Thank you for this lady. I am wired to create and be in community. It’s what I do, but I’m not sure what that looks like in a life plan. I just (about 3 minutes before I saw this post) posted this… “I need a WIN. A really BIG WIN! Something that is significant and is an acknowledgement of how hard I’ve worked, how far I’ve come, and how much I’ve grown. Not the greatest thing to seek external validation, but I need a big win…and so it is!” So revelation come forth, because I’m asking. Seek and you shall find!

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