Blessings to You in this New Season of Purpose!

Happy 2020!!!

I hope you are as excited as I am to be all that God called you to be in 2020! The past year had its challenges, like with any other year. But, the difference with 2019 was the strides I made to get me closer to my destiny. I met and networked with some of the most amazing women at the Wealthy Women Growth Con in Charleston, South Carolina. I was invited to speak and share my story at the women’s event hosted by Ms. Charlotte Howard, Founder and CEO of the Wealthy Women Inner Circle. It was one of the most amazing experiences ever imagined! There’s no greater feeling than to be able to connect with your audience and know that you impacted them with your story. That’s the power behind ‘Story’. No one can tell it like you! Why not use yours to inspire and help others. What has God brought you through? What season of tests have you overcome? You see, my story is the inspiration that sparked ‘Shades of Glory’ which is a platform I created to help purpose-driven individuals, 50 and older, tell their story by sharing their seasons of Promise, Perseverance, and Praise via book. How awesome is that?

How awesome would it be to meet new people, generate revenue, and inspire others?

If you are retired…overworked…or looking for your next…with a sense of purpose…go to and click on the Shades of Glory tab to learn more about my coaching program with my upcoming Anthology of Authors Project.

Speaking of story…look for my soon to be released book “My Mother’s Keeper” in which I share my Struggles with Balancing Love, Care, and Protection for my Mother Battling Dementia. Available on Amazon on Tuesday, February 4, 2020. A percentage of proceeds will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Hardcopy to follow soon…

Purposely yours,

Kimberly Richardson

About krich

Kimberly is a retired City of Detroit Real Property Appraiser who raised two successful young men with her husband of 26 years. After caring for her ailing mother who lost her battle to Alzheimer's Disease, Kimberly embarked on a journey of discovery of all the things she enjoyed; from traveling to enrolling in a hospitality course and exploring her love for culinary, catering/event hosting. and her passion for learning about people and their life's journey. She has a special affinity to her 50 and older generation, particularly as it relates to their spiritual & physical well-being, and overall quality of life. After having endured the harsh reality of ageism that is widely practiced, Kimberly hopes to inspire others to keep pushing, keep learning, keep growing and not let age keep you from living your Best Life! Through her blog and website, she invites you to share your season of promise, praise, and perseverance!

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  1. Hi Kimberly, I bread your post on Facebook. I’m looking for ways to share my challenge and praise of breast cancer.

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